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Dog Evangelism

This sweet dog has been one of the greatest evangelistic tools I have!  She loves making people friends & she even brings all her stuffed friends to dinner!  My neighborhood is diverse and the homes are filled with people who are unfamiliar with the Jesus story and God’s indescribable grace.  I have tried all sorts of ways to connect with neighbors…. brownies, cards, gift baskets…  doing yard work when others were out.  Mostly with the same response – a skeptical eye – a polite, but forced smile – or a quick acknowledgment before folks quickly go back to their busy suburban lives.  Inside.  Doors locked.  Living behind walls or in a furious dash from one event, pee-wee game, or appointment to another. 

I have discovered that my dog, Esprit,  has opened doors to begin relationships with people throughout my neighborhood – especially the children.  Once the children want to play with us, I tell them that I need to meet their parents because “I am a stranger.”  Then, the opportunity arises to connect with Mom & Dad.  Though relationships are slow to develop and take strategic effort at times – the diligence is worth the effort if we can shine a little light of hope in the lives of others.  So, walk your dog – not just for the exercise – but for Jesus!  Live a missional life.  Live SENT.

1 thought on “Dog Evangelism”

  1. What a GREAT post! I especially love how you ask the children to meet their parents – it’s shows good judgement on your part as well as opening up that door to share Christ. I love you and your heart for missions! I can’t wait to read more tips on how to reach my neighbors and community.

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