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Short-Term Missions

In thinking through how to do missions in your church, there are several great resources and articles available.  It is important to have an overall strategy to mobilize the church in daily life, locally, in-state, nationally, and internationally.  Think long-term, strategic, and discipleship.  Disciple new believers, but also invest in your mission volunteers to become disciple-makers…
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Travel and Safety Training is Crucial for Christians Traveling Abroad!

Pastors, team leaders, and volunteers going on mission need to be concerned about the increasing trend of crisis situations when traveling overseas.  Obviously, Mexico and the border have been a recent concern for us here in Texas, and then the team detained in Haiti has been a strong reminder that despite our benevolent intentions, things can…
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Ministry in inner city Lima

As the deer pants for streams of water so, too, do the people in the inner city of Lima thirst for God. Amid the rushing traffic and whirl of pedestrians, there lies a forgotten people. People on the fringes. People who are ignored, pushed aside, or left to make their own way in this world. There is devastating poverty and streets teeming with people without hope.

Missional \’mish-ə-nəl\

Missional \’mish-ə-nəl\ adj: 1: referring to the essence of someone or something as being on mission 2: permeating the mindset,focus, strategies, and performance of a church 3: pointing, showing, modeling the way of following Jesus 4:  not a program, but the driving force; not related to model, size, style, or culture.  See related terms:  incarnational;…
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