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Short-Term Missions

In thinking through how to do missions in your church, there are several great resources and articles available.  It is important to have an overall strategy to mobilize the church in daily life, locally, in-state, nationally, and internationally.  Think long-term, strategic, and discipleship.  Disciple new believers, but also invest in your mission volunteers to become disciple-makers…
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Thoughts on the “7 Worst International Aid Ideas” by Richard Stupart

Richard Stupart’s “7 Worst International Aid Ideas” is an excellent article about misunderstanding cultural needs and ministering ineffectively.  This cross-cultural ministry “mismatch” is most often unintentional and with a well-meaning heart and passion. One can have good intentions in their ministry efforts cross-culturally and yet cause significant damage or detriment in the ongoing Christian ministry.…
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Can Short-Term Mission Teams Cause More Harm than Good?

It is true that there has been case after case where a short-term volunteer or mission team inadvertently caused more harm than good while on mission.  In order to maximize one’s efforts and minimize the negative fall-out, one should be familiar with some of the most common cross-cultural pitfalls.  One of the best resources to get…
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