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Splashing Living Water…

I recently had a conversation with Ken & Paula Hemphill about “splashing living water” onto others as you go about your day.  The Hemphills had given one of their grandchildren a bath and in the end, all were soaked with the splashing water from the delighted baby at play.  This sparked the vision for Ken & Paula’s book, SPLASH.   The premise of the book focuses upon how we can share Jesus in simple and natural ways with family, friends, and neighbors.

The idea of splashing living water onto others really resonated in my heart because of the very missional nature of infusing my faith with action.  I began to think, “How can I just splash a little living water as I am going about my daily routine?”  Lord, help me to splash a little of You on the lady at the grocery store… my adorable hairdresser… the guy at the airport… the folks at my gym…

Just an idea…  one day I was in the drive-thru at Starbucks (coffee is a staple food group for me)… and the person in front of me paid for my order.  I pulled up and the girl said, “Yours has been paid for, so you are good to go!”  I was a little shocked at this completely unexpected and selfless act.  I have no clue who my anonymous friend was that day, but it gave me an idea.  I decided that I could do that for others, too, but in the process give them a little splash of living water.  I got online at and created some business cards that said, “Just wanted to make you smile…”  I did add a little basic info about our church on the back just  in case they have a taste for something deeper.  Next time I go through the drive-thru, I want to pay for the person behind me and ask them to give them this card.  Just to make them smile.  Just so they know that Jesus loves them and they are not forgotten.


What are some creative ways that you “splash living water” onto others as you go about your day?   I’d love to hear how God is using you in authentic ways to love others and impact lives for the glory of Christ Jesus!

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