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Potluck International Food Night for a Family Night or Church Missions Focus

Wouldn’t this be fun to do for a monthly missions focus with our church family? You could add a focus on missionaries working in that country, people groups, etc. Even adopt a missionary or people group and continue to pray for them and send them care packages.

Potluck International Food Night – This family activity requires a group of families, preferably in your neighborhood, but could be done as a single family. Each month a different family hosts a potluck international food night. In January all the families get together to choose the countries we want to ” visit”. Everyone signs up to host a country and we make a master schedule. Each month the host finds traditional music of the country chosen, maps and all the kids have “passports”; they get a special stamp from the host. Many of the families have gotten in to this so much that some find traditional clothing, games etc to bring along. The food is always amazing and this is a great opportunity to learn about other cultures, share community and live cooperatively.

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