Ministry in inner city Lima

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Ministry in inner city Lima

As the deer pants for streams of water so, too, do the people in the inner city of Lima thirst for God.  Amid the rushing traffic and whirl of pedestrians, there lies a forgotten people.  People on the fringes.  People who are ignored, pushed aside, or left to make their own way in this world.  There is devastating poverty and streets teeming with people without hope.  I expected that those we came in contact with would have a hardness about them… due to the harsh context or string of life disappointments.  But, what I found was an extremely loving people… with genuine hearts and an openness that was extraordinary.  Those Peruvian souls I met truly thirsted for God.  They wanted to hear more about how to draw near to God and how to find salvation through Jesus Christ.  Since we were there for only a short time, I did not expect those we met to allow us to see their pain and witness their struggles… But, I was struck by their honesty and authentic desire to learn to find hope amid the realities they face. 

 Our team joined God, who is at work in Lima.  We witnessed how God  is using Quentin & Gina Roberts to reach these forgotten people in the hidden places of the city.  I was delighted to see the creativity which God has given this couple to reach out to a people who trust only when it is earned. The days were filled with ministries of every kind – a women’s bible study, ministry to a group with HIV, hospital visits, prison ministry, prayerwalking, counseling, etc.  We saw how God pierced hearts with His truth as we shared scripture from the Bible.  And, we discovered how God can use our own testimonies of grief or sorrow to encourage and point the way to the hope found only in Christ. 

Though there is a darkness & lostness present that lies over the city like a thick smog…

God’s beauty is ever-present ~ in the brightly colored flowers, the laughter of the children, the fresh produce in the market, the smiling faces, the hospitable hearts, & the gentle breeze.  Truly the rocks & trees cry out to the Greatness of our God!  God’s heart is for the nations, and as ambassadors for Christ our hearts should also reflect His love for every tongue & every nation.  There is no fear that God cannot destroy.  There is no weakness that God cannot overcome.  And, there is nothing in life that takes precedence over the Good News of Christ Jesus.

WATCH a VIDEO  about what God is doing in inner city Lima & meet Gina & Quentin Roberts, International Mission Board Missionaries who are dear to my heart!


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  1. hi tiff! I’m an SBTC writer, Melissa Deming. We’ve met at a few conferences. Love this post. we have so good friends who were recently commissioned to Lima – the Constantes! What a small world! Love the site!

    • phil1vs21 says:

      Melissa! Great to connect w you via blog world! Thanks so much for all you do! I will be going back to Lima next May! So, maybe I will run into your good friends!

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