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Follow Me

“Follow me.”

When we say, “Yes,” we step into a life of different.

This redefines our orientation of identity, purpose, mission and life. Everything changes. We leave the old life behind and become new. There is a cost to following Christ. It is not cheap grace. Our standing and as children of God, holy and righteous, has been paid at a very high cost by Jesus himself.

We have a new found identity rooted and established in and through Christ.

We have a new purpose – to love and glorify God with all of our heart, mind and soul.

Our mission is clear – to go and make disciples of all nations as ambassadors of the King.

And life… we have life – abundantly, fully and eternally – not in a worldly way, but in an “other” worldly way. Set apart. Holy. Counter-cultural. In, but not “of” this world. Different.

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