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Thoughts on the “7 Worst International Aid Ideas” by Richard Stupart

Richard Stupart’s “7 Worst International Aid Ideas” is an excellent article about misunderstanding cultural needs and ministering ineffectively.  This cross-cultural ministry “mismatch” is most often unintentional and with a well-meaning heart and passion. One can have good intentions in their ministry efforts cross-culturally and yet cause significant damage or detriment in the ongoing Christian ministry.…
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Travel and Safety Training is Crucial for Christians Traveling Abroad!

Pastors, team leaders, and volunteers going on mission need to be concerned about the increasing trend of crisis situations when traveling overseas.  Obviously, Mexico and the border have been a recent concern for us here in Texas, and then the team detained in Haiti has been a strong reminder that despite our benevolent intentions, things can…
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How One Texas Church Embraced an Ureached, Unengaged People Group

The Marati People of India, Embraced Unengaged by men, but not by God! (First Hand Account By L.D., edited by Ariadne Harrison*) Keller, TX – In November of 2011 God put it on my heart to lead our church to “embrace” a second unengaged unreached people group. The Holy Spirit stirred me to pray about…
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Dog Evangelism

This sweet dog has been one of the greatest evangelistic tools I have!  She loves making people friends & she is filled with joy that spills over onto others wherever she goes!  My neighborhood is diverse and the homes are filled with people who are unfamiliar with the Jesus story and God’s indescribable grace.  I…
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