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5 Questions Your Mission Team Needs to Ask

There are some significant questions to ask when you are leading or participating with a missions team – either here… or there….  Take time to be in sync with your mission partner on the ground and explore these 5 questions: Does my team have its own agenda?  Or are we following the lead and the…
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How One Texas Church Embraced an Ureached, Unengaged People Group

The Marati People of India, Embraced Unengaged by men, but not by God! (First Hand Account By L.D., edited by Ariadne Harrison*) Keller, TX – In November of 2011 God put it on my heart to lead our church to “embrace” a second unengaged unreached people group. The Holy Spirit stirred me to pray about…
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Chasing after glory…

The desire to create and rule one’s own kingdom is an ancient struggle of the heart. All the way back to our friends, Adam & Eve in Genesis… The temptation to want to be in control… wise… all-knowing… god-like… This temptation hisses in the garden and eventually rings in the ear of man. The consequent fall of man due to this chase after man’s own glory is an effective tactic of the enemy. We are all susceptible.

Can Short-Term Mission Teams Cause More Harm than Good?

It is true that there has been case after case where a short-term volunteer or mission team inadvertently caused more harm than good while on mission.  In order to maximize one’s efforts and minimize the negative fall-out, one should be familiar with some of the most common cross-cultural pitfalls.  One of the best resources to get…
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