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Living the Reality of Abiding

It is one thing to know the concept of abiding in Christ intellectually, and then it is a completely different thing to experience it in life. To be successful at abiding, one needs to know who you are (the branch) and who you are not (the Vinedresser).

An Abrahamic Coddiwomple

The Lord had said to Abram, “Go from your country, your people and your father’s household to the land I will show you…”  So Abram went. [excerpt from Genesis 12:1-4] Abram, was called by God to go into a place unknown.  So he went. These verses do not reveal any possible internal struggle that Abram/Abraham…
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Selah – סֶלָה

Be Like the Bird Be like the bird, who Halting in his flight On limb too slight Feels it give way beneath him, Yet sings Knowing he hath wings. by Victor Hugo Just as the bird has a rhythm of alighting on a branch to rest, let us develop a rhythmic flow of rest that…
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Follow Me

When we say, “Yes,” to follow Christ, we step into a life of different.

This redefines our orientation of identity, purpose, mission and life. Everything changes. We leave the old life behind and become new. There is a cost to following Christ. It is not cheap grace. Our standing and as children of God, holy and righteous, has been paid at a very high cost by Jesus himself.

We have a new found identity rooted and established in and through Christ.
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