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How to Do Relevant Missions in Your City

Living our life on mission means to embrace the opportunities that we have on a daily basis in our own city. The Lord has placed each of us on a particular street for a distinct season to be a living demonstration of the hope found in Jesus. Acts 17:26 states, “From one man he made…
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Short-Term Missions

In thinking through how to do missions in your church, there are several great resources and articles available.  It is important to have an overall strategy to mobilize the church in daily life, locally, in-state, nationally, and internationally.  Think long-term, strategic, and discipleship.  Disciple new believers, but also invest in your mission volunteers to become disciple-makers…
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Best Practices for a Partner Church in a Church Plant

I was recently asked for a list of “Best Practices” for a Partner or Sending Church.  As I researched, I did find some helpful articles, books, and info.  See list and links below.  In addition, I reached out to all my favorite church planting folks. I got this top 10 list from Robby Partain and tweaked…
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Reaching the Nations Here at Home

One of the greatest privileges we have while investing in college students is to help them to expand their world-view in order to see the opportunities God has given them to impact the Kingdom. In Matthew 28:19, the Great Commission challenges us all to go and make disciples of “all nations” – [Pante ta ethne…
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