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My Story

Life is not easy. There are many challenges, hurts, & disappointments along with the joys in life. This journey was never intended for us to walk alone. We were created to be in communion with God & in fellowship with other believers. There is a hole in each of our hearts that nothing will fill…
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Walking with God in Loss

Do I trust in God’s goodness for my life?                           By faith Abraham, when he was tested, offered up Isaac.Hebrews 11:17 I have walked in the season of singleness long past the day I expected.  In my 20’s being single was common and…
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Expand Measurements of Success in Ministry

There is always a tension between the natural unfettered growth within ministry and demonstrating progress and success for accountability purposes as you strive for excellence.  The typical measurements of “success” have been centered around numbers – how many conversions, how many baptisms, how many churches planted, etc.  Though those are all very good aspects of growth,…
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Disagree Agreeably

Soft Skills for Ministry Leaders – Disagreeing Agreeably by Robby Partain Conflict is not necessarily bad in a church. Disagreements happen in a community when people care and are engaged. A church that is completely conflict free is probably not doing much or attempting much. The opposite of conflict is not health. It is disengaged…
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