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Future Leaders On the Horizon of Church Planting

As we contemplate the future horizon of church planting in North America, it is imperative for us to consider one of the main ingredients for these efforts – the planter and core team members.  Inevitably, we must ask the question, “Where will these discipled leaders come from?” It is increasingly the case that we inadvertently…
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How to Value Singles in the Church

Our church culture is one which often inadvertently marginalizes singles.  Let’s begin to intentionally and strategically create communities that honor the image of God in single adults – not as an afterthought, but as a purposeful focus.  If half of our population is single (never married, separated, divorced, or widowed), then we need to realize…
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Follow Me

When we say, “Yes,” to follow Christ, we step into a life of different.

This redefines our orientation of identity, purpose, mission and life. Everything changes. We leave the old life behind and become new. There is a cost to following Christ. It is not cheap grace. Our standing and as children of God, holy and righteous, has been paid at a very high cost by Jesus himself.

We have a new found identity rooted and established in and through Christ.
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3.23.20 Significant

Last week was a roller coaster of emotions… My emotions have been a symphony played upon my heart rising and falling as if on a roller coaster ride.  I had a meltdown on Wednesday because I was afraid of CoVid-19.  Then I remembered that my life verse has always been Philippians 1:21!  “For me, to…
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