3.23.20 Significant

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3.23.20 Significant

Last week was a roller coaster of emotions…

Emotion Roller Coaster

My emotions have been a symphony played upon my heart rising and falling as if on a roller coaster ride.  I had a meltdown on Wednesday because I was afraid of CoVid-19.  Then I remembered that my life verse has always been Philippians 1:21!  “For me, to live is Christ,  and to die is gain.”  It is time that verse became more real to me – more significant.  May my life truly be about Christ – not toilet paper, stocking my pantry, or the luxuries of this life.   May my life be about being sent as an ambassador of Christ into the world to share Good News!  May my life be significantly pointing to all that is true, excellent, and praiseworthy about Christ Jesus.   And, if death should come, then I gain.  But, until that time….. I am sent.

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