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In thinking through how to do missions in your church, there are several great resources and articles available.  It is important to have an overall strategy to mobilize the church in daily life, locally, in-state, nationally, and internationally.  Think long-term, strategic, and discipleship.  Disciple new believers, but also invest in your mission volunteers to become disciple-makers of disciple-makers.  Here is a list of helpful resources to think through developing an overall missional strategy, pros/cons of short-term trips, and preparing and planning for mission engagement. *


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I was recently asked for a list of “Best Practices” for a Partner or Sending Church.  As I researched, I did find some helpful articles, books, and info.  See list and links below.  In addition, I reached out to all my favorite church planting folks. I got this top 10 list from Robby Partain and tweaked a bit.  I thought I would share. Read the rest of this entry »

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One of the greatest privileges we have while investing in college students is to help them to expand their world-view in order to see the opportunities God has given them to impact the Kingdom. In Matthew 28:19, the Great Commission challenges us all to go and make disciples of “all nations” – [Pante ta ethne in Greek] best translated as “all the people groups.” Notice that this is not geographic, but focused upon the peoples themselves rather than lines drawn on a map.

We are currently living in an unprecedented time where the people groups are coming to us in droves! We no longer have to fly around the world to engage Unreached, Unengaged People Groups (UUPG’s). We have an unparalleled opportunity right here to share Christ with people from very difficult and remote places in the world where missionaries have been banned or heavily restricted.

University campuses are teeming with international students who have never been invited into an American home, let alone a Christian one. Our cities and towns are now filling with different languages, cultures, and remote people groups. Why should we care about this? Because God does. His heart is for the nations. He has always had people groups in mind with His Gospel plan of salvation and transformation.

What is a People Group Excursion?
So, how do we teach our students to engage the nations here at home? The first step is to help them begin thinking like a missionary wherever their “beautiful feet” take them. (Is 52:7; Rom 10:15.) One way to do this is through a People Group Excursion. People Group Excursions are part adventure, relationship building, and learning to be salt and light. Good people group ministry in your city is about discovery and engagement.   Read the rest of this entry »

GatherCom·mu·ni·ty  (\kə-ˈmyü-nə-tē\)  is defined as a group of people who share a feeling of fellowship with one another as a result of sharing common attitudes, interests, and goals.  Community seems to be the elusive unicorn many individuals and churches are chasing.  The desire for deep, long-lasting friendships is a core value of most people.  Yet, loneliness is a part of the American ethos today.

The American culture is not naturally bent toward a community living that goes deeper than brief encounters and planned social activities.  We are highly independent and time/schedule oriented (vs. relationship oriented).  “Community” often ends up being a scheduled weekly event rather than a group of people who have a sense of fellowship and deep connection while living life with one another on a daily basis. Read the rest of this entry »